About us

Our Law Firm is heir to a professional tradition which has its origins in the 2004 then as the law firm Enenkl Vyroubal Brudný v.o.s.
Due to specialization in the different areas and the targeted expansion successional entity Advokátní kancelář Enenkl a Hradečný s.r.o. separated.
There are still strong links and mutual co-operation between both firms.

Advokátní kancelář Enenkl a Hradečný s.r.o. has gained extensive expertise in the management of particularly sophisticated transactions and in contractual and judicial fields.

Providing legal services to a wide range of corporate clients helped us to gain experience also in the areas of labor law.

The Firm operates through its offices in Prague and Ostrava and collaborates with other professional firms and financial advisors of high standing in order that the needs of its clients are always best met.

Our founding partners are Ivo Enenkl and Přemysl Hradečný.

Legal advises are also provided by three cooperating lawyers Matěj Brož and Lucie Stachová, all with great professional experience as attorneys at law.




Areas of competence



Company Law 

The Firm has consolidated expertise in all aspects of company law, the definition of by-laws, management of general meetings, due dilligence, governance structures and drafting of shareholders’ agreements and the restructuring of corporate groups

Contract Law

The Firm has an in-depth knowledge and experience of both civil and commercial contractual law, with a particular specialization in national contract law, covering all kinds of trade, sale, distribution, franchising, agency, tender and licensing agreements and all legal topics traditionally falling within the scope of “civil law” (complaint law, civil liability, etc.)

Employment law 

The Firm has large experience of labor law issues including management contracts, employers ‚and employees‘ representation, collective bargaining, safety and security at work etc.

Litigation, Disputes, Arbitration

The Firm has consolidated experience in legal proceedings at all levels, including cases before the courts of all levels including Supreme Court procedures and national arbitration

Corporate administrative liability

The Firm has impressive experience in assisting clients in the area of corporate administrative liability, for offences committed in the interest and/or to the benefit of companies by their management, employees or third parties 

Criminal Law

The Firm has also experience with legal assisting to defendants in particular property crimes, proxy of victims in criminal proceedings